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GUARANTEED 120+ FRONT PAGE of Google keyword combos! Great Google Guarantee!


1. We are creating you a new site that is mobile capable.
2. We will move in up to 5 pages of content from your existing site and at least 10 photos from that site.
3. We must create a new site in order to guarantee the success of our efforts. Having a webmaster that can change our work at any time makes it nearly impossible to guarantee success. We can provide your webmaster with code to add to your existing page to make mobile phones automatically go to the new mobile site.
4. Every page of your new site will link to your existing site, so as we optimize and build this page it also will help your existing pages.

Your new site will have:

  1. 1 Main page
  2. 5 imported content pages (from existing site or content you provide)
  3. 1 service index and 5 service pages
  4. 1 city index page and 5 city pages
  5. 30 keyword – city articles

We will create these pages and optimize them and then create over 10,000 links to them in just the first month. Results are typically up within 10 days of completion, however our Google Guarantee does not apply to any set-up fees.

We need all of the questionnaires and photos listed on What do we need page

MONTHLY on-Going Program
The monthly cost of staying on top of Google with over 100 different keyword combinations is $150 per month!
Our standard package includes 360 keyword combos and  guarantees you 120 keyword combos on the front page of Google.

All plans require a $150 monthly payment starting immediately (That first payment is part of your set-up fee,
Click Here for Explanation of Keyword combos!


Initial Set-up, and Submissions Plan Options: – With these guarantees and what we do for you it takes between 20 and 25 hours of labor to set-up an account.
We do that for $495 and we offer you 4 different options to pay that set up fee. We have to start your subscription immediately for our plans, so we credit the initial $150 payment as part of your set-up fee, therefore payments below  are set-up for the amount -(minus) the $150 initial payment listed above.

1. $495 Set-up initially and $150 per month ongoing to stay on top of Google ($345 over monthly payment)

2. 1st month payment of $325, 2nd month $325, and $150 afterward ($175 over monthly payment) ** See Google Guarantee page


3. 1st month payment of $275, next 2 months $275 and $150 afterward($125 over monthly payment) – ** See Google Guarantee page

4. 1st month payment of $250, next 3 months $250 and $150 afterward($100 over monthly payment) – ** See Google Guarantee page

Monthly – Every month we will submit at least 10,000 links for your site and we will submit one of your articles (you proof our provided article) or 5 reviews or (you provide to us) to our network to maintain your listings.

How Many Keywords are we talking and how does that work?
You get 5 keywords of your choice!
You get a total of 5 cities to work on marketing.
Your business gets a category.
Category + keywords = 6 groups
There are 12 keyword combos x 6 groups = 72 keyword terms x 5 cities = 360 keywords.
That means we are working on 360 keyword terms for you and GUARANTEE that 120 keyword term combos will be on front page of Google or YOU DO NOT PAY!!

PLEEEZE Find us ANYONE else that will guarantee you 120 keyword combos on front page of Google and then let’s talk about what they will charge you for that!


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