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GUARANTEED 120+ FRONT PAGE of Google keyword combos! Great Google Guarantee!


Internet Marketing for the Best Service Professionals

  • Are you outstanding in your professional field?
  • Do you have excellent customer services?
  • Could you handle a lot more customers if they could just find you?
  • Could you use help getting your message on the web or in a format that can be read by prospective customers using tablets and cell phones?
  • Would you like to see your name and number all over the search engines for people searching in your area?
  • Are you tired of empty promises from so called experts who charge thousands and promise you amazing results but never deliver?

Who are we?  Well we are:

Local Search and Marketing Experts

InternetMarketingLocalSearchandMarketingExperts-12Helping local business with it’s customer loyalty, customer retention, marketing, internet presence, mobile internet presence and Local Search presence on the internet.

If you are great at what you do and have amazing service, but need help with this whole internet and mobile phone thing… hey, let’s talk!

That internet thing is what we do and we are great at it and will provide you with great customer service!
Could you handle adding 50% or more to your clientele.
Do you have the infrastructure for that?  If so, we can help!



LSAME is great at creating a mobile & normal web presence !
Our concepts:

1. You must find ways to let current clientele know they are important and get them offers to keep using your business over and over.
2. You must use current clients satisfaction lead you to getting new clients.
3. You must have an internet presence in today’s world, but more importantly it must be a mobile ready presence – link to video!
4. You must be constantly getting your name, your message and your offers out all over the internet to gain new customers. You have heard SEO, but this is way more than SEO.


You have to understand what part of Search Engine Marketing is important and how to accomplish it! Eric developed these principles and methods in building his own business from 1998 – 2012.   However differing from companies that were selling him marketing he feels all marketing must have measures in Place – thus he has his Google Guarantee!


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